Here are some links and information I found to be very valuable in the journey to develop heliostats and solar trackers.

www.redrok.com Owned by Duane C. Johnson. This is one of my favorite web sites. There is a plethora of links and information to be explored here about all things alternative energy. A must visit site!

A great site about everything solar. A must see!
"Plans, tools, and information to help you build solar projects that save money and reduce pollution"

www.otherpower.com A group of alternative energy enthusiasts who want to spread the message that It's EASY to make your own power FROM SCRATCH! Otherpower.com's headquarters is located in a remote part of the Northern Colorado mountains, 15 miles past the nearest power pole or phone line. All of our houses and shops run on only solar, wind, water and generator power...
Heliostat comparison.pdf A very informative paper comparing azimuth-elevation heliostats to spinning-elevation heliostats (also called target-aligned, target-axis or receiver-axis heliostats).
US Patent #4192289 This is the U.S. patent issued in 1978 that has almost identical mechanics to our design. The bisector for the solar sensor is a spring loaded cable and pulley setup whereas ours uses nylon gears.
US Patent #4586488 This is the U.S. patent issued in 1986 that has similar mechanics to our design.
www.nextenergysolar.com NextEnergy Corporation provides alternative and renewable energy solutions, maintenance and financing to residences and commercial businesses. They also have some great links to some other informative sites.
Energy Planet A visual and interactive web directory of information resources about renewable energy technology.
www.freeenergy.ca Alternative energy site with useful links and articles.
www.terrapass.com Carbon Neutral: Become Carbon Neutral. Balance your carbon emissions with an affordable and verified TerraPass. Help reduce Greenhouse gas emissions today!
www.parentgiving.com/elder-care/adult-diapers-alternate-energy/ Amanda and Meghan (two young students studying about recycling) emailed us a very interesting article about reusing ever day diapers as an alternative fuel rather than just having them end up in a landfill!